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Merchants - Sell your products, on your affiliate sites

Affiliates - Get free data feeds, coupon feeds and store fronts

Affiliate data feed merchants

Merchants - Sell your products, on your affiliate sites
Give your affiliates the power to dynamically promote your
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3 Reasons Why You Need FeedShare
Increased Sales
Unlike traditional text and banner ads, FeedShare provides a dynamic and interactive way for customers to browse, search and purchase your products from affiliate sites, improving sales.
Easy To Use
Data feeds can be complicated to use. FeedShare makes it easy for your affiliates to incorporate your product and coupon feeds into their sites in minutes, no technical skills required!
100% Free For Affiliates
Unlike similar services, FeedShare never charges your affiliates a fee or takes part of their commissions, giving them more reason to promote your products.
Affiliates - Get free data feeds and storefronts
Add a product coupon showcase to your site and instantly
boost its earning potential. It's fast, easy and 100% Free!
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