Getting Started


How FeedShare Works

FeedShare allows you to display products and coupons from merchant data feeds on your site, allowing you to earn commissions from their sale.

With FeedShare, you can present your visitors with a rich, dynamic way to search and browse products which can earn you more commissions than traditional text or banner ads.

Our service provides you with many ways to add attractive product and coupon layouts to your site, regardless of your technical skills. All product and coupon data is pulled live from FeedShare, so you don't have to maintain a database, do any programming or manually update your site's content.

Getting Started With FeedShare

  1. Decide which merchant(s) you want to show products from. If you are not already a member of their affiliate program, you will need to join their program before you can promote their products and earn commissions. We provide direct signup links for all of our merchants.

    You can see a list of all FeedShare merchants data feeds by clicking here

  2. Once you're a member of one or more affiliate programs, visit the merchant's Affiliate Store Builder. The Affiliate Store Builder is an easy-to-use tool that will allow you to select which method you'd like to use to integrate FeedShare into your web site as well as customize the layout and selection of products. Our list of data feeds provides a link to each merchants Affiliate Store Builder.

    Read "Choosing An Integration Method" below for information about each method of integrating FeedShare with your site.

  3. It's important to remember that if you are building a new site around a data feed, you need to add quality, unique content to the site which will attract visitors and the search engines. Building a site that only contains a data feed and minimal or no other content will not generate customers or provide sufficient content to be indexed well by search engines. FeedShare is meant to enhance a site's content and provide a dynamic way for customers to find products on your site.

Choosing An Integration Method

There are 4 ways to integrate FeedShare with your web site(s):

EZ Store™ & EZ Coupons™

Our EZ Stores and EZ Coupons are the fastest and easiest way to add a dynamic data feed driven layout to your site. The Affiliate Store Builder will allow you to customize many layout and content settings. Then, you simply copy and paste the provided code into your web site. You will now have a dynamic product or coupon layout on your site. All product data is pulled live from FeedShare so you'll never have to update your site. EZ Stores and EZ Coupons come in JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET and PHP versions to work with virtually any site. Except for the JavaScript version, FeedShare EZ Stores and EZ Coupons produce search engine spider-able content.

PHP Store

Our PHP Store is a site template that runs on your web server. It provides a more advanced layout than our EZ Store and because the layout is generated on your web server, you can customize the PHP and HTML code to customize it any way you want. Just like the EZ Store, all data is pulled live from FeedShare so there is no database to maintain or update.

XML & CSV Data Feeds

If you have a custom data feed solution or use a 3rd party tool, you can download complete data feeds in XML or CSV formats with your affiliate/publisher ID already embedded in the product URLs, ready to use.

FeedShare Web API

Our Web API allows you to pull product or coupon data in real-time from our database for use in your own custom solutions. No need to create, manage and update your own database. Our API provides feed data in XML and RSS formats.

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